Thursday, February 9, 2017

Reflection Questions

How much did you know about the subject before we started?

Before Photo 1, I knew basically knew nothing about photography. I had a camera and the basic understanding that shooting photography was purely just pointing and shooting a camera with the automatic setting on. Was I wrong. I learned so much more from these classes and it also grew my love for photography tremendously. I am forever grateful for this class.

In what ways have you gotten better at this kind of work?

In Photo 1 I just did the homework without putting the best effort into it. Maybe it was because at that time I really didn't enjoy photography like I do now. Now I will often travel to Portland or just drive to find a new "spot" for my photos. I realize that when putting in the time and effort to finding the perfect places to take photos really improves work quality. I think I also have developed my eye for photos and my imagination has increased.

What were your standards?

In this class, I held myself to really high standards in quality of work. I wanted to put in the most effort and produce the best photos I could for each assignment. I found this to be hard because I recently got a new job where I would work 4/5 times during the week (not including weekends)> I would sometimes get home at 9pm and there would be no more light left for good photos. Overall I feel really proud of the collection of works I have produced this year and I believe I met my standards.

What did you learn about yourself as you worked?

Through the process of developing photos I learned that I have a really powerful imagination. I realized this especially in the dream project where I would think of scenarios and judge the best way to produce the images and ideas I had in my head. I can not wait for my next adventure because with my developed talents I can create even better photos.

Did you do your work the way others did theirs?

I do not think I looked at others works and tried to replicate certain photos. However that being said, I don't think my work is very distinctive from others or unique. I think though that I did produce better photos than some others in the class and I am happy with the results.

If you were the teacher what comments would you make ?

If I were the teacher and looked at my work, I would say that I have a really good eye and style of editing photos. I would also say that I should expand to other subjects, like of people instead of places and things. This only would increase my potential greatness of work and quality. FIND MORE INSPIRATIONS!

One thing I would like to improve on is....

One thing I would like to improve on is being better at taking star photos and also portraits of people. I would like to do these things because I yet have really expanded my interest into these things. Recently I have only really taken photos of landscapes and items, not so much people and stars. Why not because you only live once!

What would you want more help with?

The one thing I would like more help with is I think I need an advisor or mentor for photography. Besides these classes, everything I have learned was self taught or learned via YouTube. I also would like more friends who are interested in photography that way I can plan more trips for photos. I just want someone to look up to for photography.

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